Do you Tinder?

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I was talking with a male friend the other day and we discussed this new thing called Tinder.

I asked “Are you on Tinder?”
He replied “Of course mate”

He volunteered “Most women use it for an ego boost to be honest”

I asked “How’s that working for you?”
He replied “I have been on a couple dates”

He volunteered “It’s so incredibly shallow on there”

So I thought I’d Google it a bit, for the unaware:
Users sign up and install it (usually on their smartphone)
They set up some criteria (probably orientation and distance will be the important ones)
Then you are thrown pictures and you choose to swipe left to “not like” them and swipe right to “like them” (sounds like they should implement a swipe up option for “decide later”)
If a pair of people both “like” each other they are able to communicate.

So now I understand the whole shallow statement, there is no “unliking” people you have “liked” or vice versa.
There is this thing called you only swipe once #YOSO

And with most online dating sites you have to be aware of the ego chasers and serial daters..

A couple genuine examples of this from the internet are:

[–]annapie[🍰] 42 points 7 months ago
Mostly for an ego boost, in life you don’t know if people find you attractive or not, but on Tinder you get a pretty good idea.

[–]♂Honey-Badger 3 points 7 months ago
Yeah I’ve got the app and i have no intention of ever messaging anyone on it or replying to the messages I get. I just like seeing that some people find me attractive.

It seems like men play a numbers game and swipe yes to everyone in the hope that someone will respond and then decide later (after they have had a response) if they actually like the person. This is clearly hurtful and perpetuates the circle of hurt.

I understand the initial attraction to Tinder, you don’t have to make an effort on writing lots of words and making a decent profile, but you can reap the rewards of having a simple attraction.

So I think the target market is probably teenagers to mid to late 20 year olds, people who are mainly looking for hook-ups, dating or a bit of fun. Unfortunately it is also used by normal people who are looking for normal relationships.

It also fuels the growing need to judge people’s profiles via blog. That is most definitely a girl thing (I think girls tend to generally blog more than men), I think copying and posting peoples profiles is arrogant and rude and then criticizing them is unnecessary and hurtful.
How would you like it if you were on the internet and came across your profile and someone was saying bad things about you for everyone to read?

People who are looking for something a bit more real need to look elsewhere, where that is, I don’t really know… (Maybe Match.Com?)

So what about you? Have you got a Tinder account? What do you think of it?

FlashBack Friday #00143 – The Chronic

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I cannot believe I got this deep into Flashback Fridays and haven’t mentioned The Chronic, having gangster rap deep at the base of my musical education.

This is the album where Dre brought Snoop out to the world and changed Rap forever…

Fuck wit Dre day (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Let Me Ride (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Deeez Nuuuts (feat. Snoop Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz & Nate Dogg)

You could have had me…

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A while ago I bumped into an ex, she wasn’t even really an ex we dated a couple times and then the just vanished, stopped returning my calls/texts/e-mails.

She was popular and I’m a little more nerdy and I don’t know if she got bored or I wasn’t enough for her. The why doesn’t really matter I suppose, it’s the fact that she wasn’t big enough to just say it wasn’t working.

From time to time I see her out on road and nod or say hello but in no way engage a conversation. I mean ok, she was a coward but life is way too short to hate. Anyway 6 or 7 years down the road, she is getting to the age where she told me she’d like to have settled and is clearly single, and I suppose I am 2. I am looking pretty much the same, (I am actually a little physically fitter cos I am doing more miles on the bike and on the road), she is looking ok but clearly I have aged better.

She went to school with one of my friends so they are chatting one Saturday night, and I walk over and she says the words “I was going to add you on facebook but I didn’t think you’d accept”. All I could do was shrug my shoulders.
I thought about getting into a conversation about what made her think that I wouldn’t accept her, but it wouldn’t have benefited me, and it would have ended up being rather childish.

I’m not bitter about it, it was a long time ago and it’s not like I was that into her, (we’d only been out like 3 times in 2 weeks!) but that little devil on my shoulder was loving it because it was obvious she acted like a prat.

Timing is a real bitch and I suppose everyone has either made the wrong decision in a relationship or ended a relationship and then regretted it later.

So when your man spends your rent money on weed, just remember, you could have had me.
When you realise that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side, just remember, you could have had me.
When you realise taking me for granted was a bad idea, just remember, you could have had me.
When your man beats you for bringing him a Fosters instead of a Stella, just remember, you could have had me.
When your man leaves you holding the baby, just remember, you could have had me.

Bitter? Nah. Smug? Yeah probably…

So was I right leaving her to it? Or am I being a little childish?

This Weekends Wedding Lessons

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I went to my first “work” wedding this weekend, where someone from my workplace got married and invited some work colleagues. It was a good evening but I learnt a lot of lessons.

  • Try on your clothes a couple weeks before you go. You may have shrunk or grown and may be caught out. I had done both so punching a new hole in my belt burnt a lot of time.
  • If you are going to a place with Manor in the name, plan where you are actually going taxi drivers will drop you off anywhere!! (A black guy roaming around a posh place dressed in all dark clothes is asking for trouble!!)
  • If you are going to a place with Manor in the name, make sure your you have your wallet appropriately stocked!! A Cash only Bar with £7.50 for JD and Coke (for the Bride not me, I don’t drink that) will quickly strain your wallet if you haven’t come correct.
  • Don’t be offended when upper management buys everyone a drink except you (it was actually 3 of us) it’s nothing personal, your just not on their radar..
  • A geeza who is a 5, can’t dance, and clearly went to a posh boy school can get a woman who is a 7. (Is it the money?)
  • A geeza with A LOT on wang won’t always have a really hot wife. (Is it because it’s what’s on the inside that counts?)
  • If I ever get married I’ll require a DJ at the wedding, I like way too much bass heavy music!
  • Taxi’s in Hertfordshire will bury you (£45 for 12 miles!!!!)
  • Running outside is better than Gym the day after you have been drinking
  • The meat heads in the gym turn up at about 10am on a Sunday
  • I’m really not made like other people

Flashback Friday #00142 – That Old School Shit

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These tunes came out before I started clubbing but I was old enough to go to Evolution in Milton Keynes, outfitted with glow sticks and white gloves, these tunes set it off!!

Baby D – Let me Be your fantasy

SL2 – On a ragga tip

Rat Pack – Searching for my rizla

FlashBack Friday #00141 – The Matrix

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The Matrix has been on Tv a lot lately, Rob Dougan wrote and produced a lot of the music.

My Rob Dougan highlights are:

Clubbed To Death

Furious Angels

I’m Not Driving Anymore (Instrumental)

Flashback Friday #00140 – Something to Sing Along to

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Sometimes you hear the intro to a tune and you know in your heart you shouldn’t sing along but you just have to, and you end up sounding like a strangled cat..

These are some of the ones that when I hear the intro I start smiling and then sing out of tune..

Janet Kay – Silly Games

Minnie Riperton – Loving You

The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight


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