FlashBack Friday #00141 – The Matrix

•12 September 2014 • Leave a Comment

The Matrix has been on Tv a lot lately, Rob Dougan wrote and produced a lot of the music.

My Rob Dougan highlights are:

Clubbed To Death

Furious Angels

I’m Not Driving Anymore (Instrumental)

Flashback Friday #00140 – Something to Sing Along to

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Sometimes you hear the intro to a tune and you know in your heart you shouldn’t sing along but you just have to, and you end up sounding like a strangled cat..

These are some of the ones that when I hear the intro I start smiling and then sing out of tune..

Janet Kay – Silly Games

Minnie Riperton – Loving You

The Tokens – The Lion Sleeps Tonight

FlashBack Friday #00139 – J-Lo (feat. Others)

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Everyone likes a bit of J-LO, she goes through men as quickly as Katie Price, but she knows when to team up with people and make a banger..

Ain’t It Funny (feat. Ja Rule)

Hold You Down (feat. Fat Joe)

All I Have (feat. LL Cool J)

Flashback Friday #00138 – Bookshelf Riddim

•22 August 2014 • Leave a Comment

Produced by Tony Kelly, The bookshelf Riddim was one of the biggest Riddims back in the 90’s.

All the Major Artists of the time jumped on Board and there was a lot of hardstepping done to this Riddim…

Devonte & Tanto Metro – Say Wooee

Sasha – Dat Sexy Body

Mr Vegas – Jack It Up

Some mentions that weren’t included here are:
Lady Saw – No Matta Me
Beenie Man – Bookshelf
Wayne Wonder – Watching You
Sean Paul – Deport Them

Flashback Friday #00137 – Sticky

•15 August 2014 • Leave a Comment

Sticky is my second favorite UKG producer behind Wookie..

There’s been a couple of tunes in previous Flashback Fridays so no repeats but there is plenty more to choose from…


Triplets II

Booo! (feat. Ms Dynamite)

Dollar Sign (feat. Stush)

Triplets only counts as 1 vote as I couldn’t decide which one to pick..

Flashback Friday #00136 – What happens after STOP?

•8 August 2014 • Leave a Comment


Do you Colaborate and Listen?

Or is it In the Name of Love?

Or is it Hammer Time?

Flashback Friday #00135 – Dangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask

•1 August 2014 • Leave a Comment

Last year a dude introduced me into the Dangerdoom album, The Mouse and the Mask.

Not the most influential lyrical content, however the head nodding beats and the tone of his voice takes me back to that old school hip hop time of the 90’s.

What do you think?

El Chupa Nibre

Sofa King

Space Ho’s


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