FlashBack Friday #00120 – The Firm – The Album

•18 April 2014 • Leave a Comment

If you are into Hip Hop then you would have heard of Artists in the firm.
But not everyone knows they came together to produce an album.

When I say they I am talking about Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ and Nature.

As far as hip hop albums go it’s pretty solid, having 4 quite different sounding MC’s on the album helped keep the hits fresh and then adding in some samples of some old 80′s hits.

The choices are quite diverse, but there should be at least one thing that makes your head nod…

Phone Tap

Firm Biz


FlashBack Friday #00119 – Little Red

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Little Red is Katy B’s second studio album. Everyone says an artist’s second album is always their hardest and after the massive success of “On a Mission” (Her Debut album) this was going to be a massive test for her. I suspect it especially hard for her because she cannot just go out clubbing or jam in subway at 3am and just act her age and gain the experiences that inspire music.

Is it any good?

It’s ok, don’t get me wrong it’s well produced and had lots of decent music on there. But it has what I call advert music on there there are quite a few songs that I would class as advert music which as soon as I hear I think they will be used in an advert or movie sound track.

It’s not a bad thing, advert music is great for making sales but it also was the thing that made me remove it from my ipod within a month. I think this will appeal to the people in her age group but not so much to the ones outside that.

It’s quite disappointing, because I do like Katy B and I think she’s a good singer. I do wish she put the “Got Paid” tune from her free EP on the album, I think this is a good tune, I think it would have given it an extra dimension. EP available from http://www.katybofficial.com.

The Flagship Tune that has been smashed on the Radio is the Aaliyah track which is great but I won’t add that to the vote that would make it too easy.

Should you go buy the album? Maybe? My advice is spotify it first then make your decision. On the other hand, if you haven’t got “On a Mission” yet then go get it… now!!!!



Blue Eyes

FlashBack Friday #00118 – Spectrasoul Remixes

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Spectrasoul have been putting remixes for the couple¬†years, but I don’t know how much “prime” air time they get.

Without a doubt their remixes are on point if you are any way into DnB.

Delilah – Shades of Grey (SpectraSoul Remix)

Amy Steele – Eyes On You (SpectraSoul Remix)

T-Williams – Think Of You (Spectrasoul Remix)


FlashBack Friday #00117 – Where did these ladies go?

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Been floating around my hard disk a little this week, and I was wondering where did these ladies go, they popped up made a few songs and were never heard from again…


Which one did you miss the most?


Hinda Hicks – If You Want Me


Jem – They


Lumidee – Never Leave You (Uh Oh)

Flashback Friday #00116 – 3 Feet High and Rising

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3 Feet High and Rising brought hip hop into a lot of homes where you would expect it to be in the 90′s.

I heard people who have never played a hip hop record in their life bumping this from their cars.

I bet you haven’t heard any for a while, but when you do it’ll make you smile..

Eye Know

Me, Myself and I

Magic Number

FlashBack Friday #00115 – High Contrast…

•14 February 2014 • Leave a Comment

After Lenzman last week, I thought I’d bring you my other full time gym buddy, High Contrast.

He’s been around for a while so I expect a lot of people know who he is or have heard something remixed by him.

But for me the old ones are some of the best ones…

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

If We Ever

Racing Green

FlashBack Friday #00114 – Lenzman

•7 February 2014 • 1 Comment

The first flashback friday after a long time has to be an important one. Strictly speaking it’s probably not a “flashback” as such but it’s more than a year old now so I’m probably just getting away with it!

Lenzman is currently my new gym buddy (yeah I’m a gym guy now but we’ll talk about that more later), he is a D&B Dj that has produced a few mixes that keep me motivated when my body feels like falling to bits in the gym.

Remember when I asked you to help me out for exercise music? http://shaolin2000.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/help-exercise-ipod-music-required/

This time I have something for you…

UKF Music Podcast #19 – Lenzman in the mix

Lenzman Mix For Friction Radio 1 – 1.12.13

Lenzman – FABRICLIVE x Bukem In Session Mix

No vote this time as it’ll be a bit unfair for me to ask you to listen to 3 hours of music before voting, but what I will ask is download them and put them on your exercise device, weather it be riding a bike, running, pushing weights or powerwalking Lenzman will be there for you.

I know you may think is Drum and Bass really for me?

But it’s liquid Drum and Bass and you never know you just might like it, what’s the worst that can happen?


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