The Advantages of being Angry

Logically most people would agree that being angry isn’t a good thing.
But I have found that being angry has it’s advantages:

  • I find that extra bit of strength to do stuff, turn screws, open things, lift things.
  • I make decisions, as an overthinker I sometimes spend to long thinking about the outcome of each decision, rather than just making one.
  • I care less, it means I tend to not care if I upset you but it also means I say no more often (which is a good thing for me!)
  • I can drink more when I am angry, not sure why but I never get drunk as quick when I am angry and I always soaber up alot quicker.
  • I can push harder for longer when I am angry, I think my best times on the bike have all come from being in a shit mood.
  • I clean more when I am angry, when I am in a bad mood I tend to clean more, it soothes my brain.

Obviously being angry has it’s disadvantages:

  • I care less, it means I tend to not care if I upset you but it also means I say no more often.
  • I speed more cos I care less.
  • I drink more cos I care less.
  • I feel like I want to punch something.

So being angry isn’t always bad…


~ by shaolin2000 on 24 September 2009.

4 Responses to “The Advantages of being Angry”

  1. It takes more energy to be angry than to be happy. Also when ur angry it gets u into a funk its really hard to get out of. U dont care if u upset people thats definately not a positive thats mean!!!! lets face it ur not that guy no matter how hard u try!!!! Ur a nice guy, a gr8 Buddy, good soon/bro/uncle/grandson, and will be a good bf when a girl is lucky enough to enter the circle of trust. As for saying no, well yes i agree sometimes for u that is a good thing people do tend to take advantage of ur enerous nature!!!!

    Drinking more bda for ur health especially the amount uve been putting away, uve been giving Super T and his hollow legs a run for his money!!!!

    Speeding bad for both u and others not only dangerous and can get u in trouble too!!!! speeding fines, points!!!!

    Making quick decisions not always the smartest thing either!

    Get a puch bag

  2. Hum is right, but then I am sure you know that already. Anger does not have advantages in the long term…yeah it might help you protect yourself initially or give you that strength or speed boost when you need it, but in the long term it eats away at you…. such as sleeping problems and an inability to move on with your life. Anger as a defence mechanism is problematic and when you say you don’t care if you hurt people then this I am afraid to say is very transparent. What you actually mean is I won’t let you hurt me so I will be an arse first… I push you away and then you will never get the chance to hurt me. But as Hum says we all know the truth….so maybe it is time to play a different game and make that change?

  3. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

  4. Exactly…. face the fear.

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