Timely Response to Text Messages…

The complication of electronic communication must be detrimental to relationships. More specifically, text messaging.

The problem with text messages is that some people tend to require a response in an undetermined amount of time.

And for girls who like to play games it is in “the rules” not to text back too quickly, or not to text back at all!

A text message is useful for information (a sale that is on, a reminder about a birthday/event) and if you choose to ask a question then it’s cool, but it should be a casual question like, what are you doing this weekend? or when is the next poker game?

If you are getting immediate responses from me then it probably won’t last long, once I get 3 or 4 text messages in I tend to get bored and think we really should have just spoken!

Never, never, NEVER send a text message expecting a quick response. People still phone me a minute after texting me and the first question is “Did you get my text message?”. If you need a response then just call!

There are a few reasons why expecting an immediate text response is a bad idea:

  • They are mobile phones on a cellular network text messages can actually get lost believe it or not! (Ok it doesn’t happen often, but it can actually happen!)
  • The person receiving the message may not have their phone with them, it may be on silent, they may be somewhere where they cannot text back (exam, driving etc)

I tend to text in bursts, when I receive a text I will reply if I am just coasting along (watching a boring film, waiting for the kettle to boil etc) or if my phone is connected to my pc and I can type my text message on a proper keyboard. If not then I tend to queue my responses for when I have boring meetings or when I get in bed. If I’m working, driving, cooking or cleaning then I probably won’t respond until the next logical break.

So how long is too long?
I suppose the answer to this is depends on who it is..

  • One of your mates/family: If you don’t get a response back in 3 days then you can rite off getting one, or you are within your rights to send a second text or call.
  • Someone you are dating / interested in: If you don’t get a response back in 24 hours they are either unaware that you are into them or they are trying to play it way too cool and you should leave them to it!
  • Someone you are in a relationship / marriage with: If you don’t get a response back in 12 hours then you are within your rights to ask the questions.

Please be aware these are only guidelines because of the two reasons above, but the real guideline is if you want a response, then call, if they don’t answer the phone and you need a response then leave a message!

If you call someone and don’t leave a message, the receiver may assume that it wasn’t that important anyway otherwise you would have left a message!


~ by shaolin2000 on 2 January 2010.

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